To play Sokoban, I recommend using YASC.

It might come as a surprise to you, but some of my levels are record holders ! :-) For more information check my record page

New collections:


50 extra small levels. The collection starts with easy levels but it gets harder and harder when going to the end of the collection. If you can solve all of them, you have become adept at the game of sokoban and are ready to tackle some hard, tantalising levels.


Zip format contains xsb-files

117 levels, all with a floor size of 26 unit squares. Many of them are hard.. and tantalising. :-)
It is, for now, the best and most exhausting collection i have ever made.


The unfinished collection is a growing database with even harder levels than in my zone26.
89 levels already, more is yet to come.


7 Levels. Every level is situated in the same room, so they are similar to each other but the similarities are minimized.
These levels are hard, even after solving 6 of them ! :-)


About 38 levels, I think. Much of them are alike but this is not an ordinary collection too.

It's a special kind of levels. If you make them bigger or smaller by adding or deleting a 'slice' of there top, the amount of pushes will change drasticly. In fact,the amount of pushes has a big resemblance with fibonacci sequences.

So in this kind of levels, the minimum amount of pushes needed grows exponentially !

btw.. this kind of levels were not my invention though ! Aymeric du Peloux was the first to create such a level, I believe.


My sokobase, 696 levels !!
A huge number of levels that are only present in this collection ! Thnx to mr Kindermans and mr Pester to erase all duplicates.


5 weird levels.. perhaps because they are actually 4X4 orimazes in disguise ! Orimazes can be found at this site


Orimaze variations Updated on 21/06/2008


3 supplementary levels, originated from 3 6X4orimazes.
Much harder to solve, only try at your own risk! The orimazes require 128, 171 and 188 moves respectively. This last level is the 6X4 orimaze with the longest possible solution.

These levels were made to show how much variety can be created in the game of sokoban.
One could make minor changes to change the rules of the maze.


This is a 5x5 orimaze with a hole in the middle. This mill turns a lot !

Note: Orimaze levels could be played in both directions by switching goals by boxes and boxes by goals.


Sokoban using some kind of logical gates Updated on 16/06/2008


Some levels of a genre which uses numbered boxes and numbered targets. These levels can be played with Sokofan.

Old, but funny collections:

Levels shaped like Polyominoes. Good levels to start with. 11 levels

Beautiful symmetrical patterns. The first levels I've made. Average difficulty. 43 levels

Symmetrical patterns. Oh myself, I love symmetry. Short solutions but mistakes are easy to make. Average difficulty. 11 levels

Other old worthy collections:

You have to put the boxes in a line. Some of them or not so hard, some of them are so hard ! 38 levels

The remaining levels. Levels of many difficulties mixed together. 25 levels


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