While having created many puzzles for Sokoban as well as for Sliding Block Puzzles I thought it was about time to make a puzzle concept of my own.
So I started creating Slidoban.

It's a very simple concept that was going through my mind for quite a long time.
The main difference between slidoban and sliding block puzzles / Sokoban is that an object which is brought into movement will attain this movement until it collides with another object. As if the floor is very slippery.. you could call it Sokoban On Ice. :-)

So I started building my own puzzle generator and programs to publish my generated puzzles.
I first wanted to publish them in java but that didn't seem to function very well so i made them with Game Maker.

I made 3 programs to represent 3 genres of slidoban.
I might fuse them together once, but the big amount of levels made me to split them up in multiple programs.

In every program you can toggle between levels with the

space button: next level
and shift : previous level
Enter : restart level
Backspace : undo last move
F5 : Save game
F6 : Load game

Use the arrows to move the pusher/block.
If there are multiple pushers hold Numpad 1 for block 1, Numpad 2 for block 2 etc.

While playing you can always push F1 for help.

These files are in rar-format. You will need a program like Winrar to extract the program.

The first genre has no boxes, but multiple pushers/blocks, so it has big resemblances with Sliding Block Puzzles.
The objective is to move every block on the square with the same color.

Slidoban 1

The second genre has multiple boxes and 1 pusher, so it has big resemblances with Sokoban.
The objective is to move every box on a blue square and the pusher on the gray square.

Slidoban 2

The third genre has 1 or more boxes and 2 pushers. I find it the most interesting genre. The levels,although small, can be quite difficult.
The objective is to move every box on a blue square and every pusher on a gray square.

Slidoban 3

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