Shove Off

Shove Off is a modern board game. It was published by Ideal in 1984.

I've solved it.

It is a draw when both players play perfect.
I've demonstrated this by creating a program which plays perfect.

Interestingly, the deepest position was a mate in 42, which can be played.

How to win ?

Make 4 in a row, diagonal rows included.

How to move ?

At first, the board is filled with neutral discs.

Each player at a turn puts one of his pieces on the board through one of the eight ramps.
When a piece is put on the board, every other disc in that row is pushed forward by it, the last one being shoven off.

However, a player may not push one of his opponents pieces off the board.

When a player is out of pieces, all of his 8 pieces are on the board, he must pass. (This rule is only my assumption, I don't know the exact rules)

A screenshot

The computer always plays red.

To download (15.7Mb), try this link

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