So you wake up, not conscious of anything weird, but then, you know there's something different.

Then you see these metal disks.
Those weren't there before !
You turn around. A huge key, about 100 meters long shows up.
It wasn't there before !

Oh no, it happened again !
Someone built a huge door around you and you are stuck in the lock !
You're only hope is to unlock this door so the key will fall out !

To do so, make all dots green.
Every metal disk has 4 gates, they can be either open or closed. Green dots mark which gates are right. Red dots mark which gates are wrong.
Entering a metal disk will make it rotate 90 degrees clockwise.

Use the arrows to move.
Page down to undo
Page up to redo
+ to go to the next level
- to go to the previous level

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