In these puzzles, you can only move a block by flipping it.
It's like everything is made out of rubber and sliding has become impossible.

There are a few rules

After flipping a block, the base of the block must remain on the same height it had before.
At all times, must every block in the structure be fully supported by other blocks or the ground.

The controls are quite simple.
You click on the block you want to flip.
Use the arrows to flip the block in one of the four directions.

The goal of these puzzles is to move a block onto a specified position.
Hold the goal button to see the aim of the puzzle.
While pressing the goal button, if the shown block is colored grey, it means that the color of the block doesn't matter.

The representation on the right is just a visual aid.
You can click on the 'Vision' button to change the width of the visualisation.

These puzzles are made using Macromedia Flash, I assume you will be automatically directed if you don't have the plugin.

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