Dino Dodg'em

Dino Dodg'em is a modern board game. It is based on the classic "Dodgem" game invented by mathematician Colin Vout.

I've solved it.

It is a draw when both players play perfect.
I've demonstrated this by creating a program which plays perfect.

Interestingly, the deepest position was a mate in 64, which can be played.

How to win ?

Be the first to remove all your pieces off the board.

You can remove a piece when it crosses the right edge of the board.
The computer can remove a piece when it crosses the bottom edge of the board.

All pieces of both players start in their designated area.
You cannot move a piece into such an area, whether it is your area our your opponents.

A piece can move orthogonally to an adjacent square, if it is unoccupied, but it cannot move backwards.

If you are unable to move, you must pass your turn. You can pass by clicking one of your pieces.

A screenshot

The computer always plays red.

To download, press here (2.73 Mb)

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