Dao is a modern game, invented by Ben van Buskirk & Jeff Pickering and published in 1999

The rules are quite simple.

How to win ?

1. Arrange your pieces, both players have 4, in a horizontal or vertical line.
2. Arrange your pieces in a 2x2 square.
3. Occupy all corners.
4. If 1 of your pieces is in a corner and is totally blocked by opponents pieces, you also win.

The ways of moving:

Pieces move until they reach a position where they are blocked by a piece or the edge of the board. So one must put the piece in such a position. A piece can move orthogonally as well as diagonally.

I've solved it.
It is a draw when both players play perfectly.
I've demonstrated this by creating a program which plays perfect.

Interestingly, the deepest position was a mate in 11, which can be played as well.

A screenshot

The computer always plays red.

To download, press here (93 kb)

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