Chung Toi

Chung Toi is a board game of the modern era. It was invented by Reginald Chung and published in 1994.

I've solved it.

It is a draw when both players play perfect.
I've demonstrated this by creating a program which plays perfect.

The rules can be found here.

As you can read, a move can consist of a combination of rotation and translation (non-rotational movement).

In my program, you can rotate a piece by right clicking it and move it by left dragging it.

But you must first rotate the piece and then move it.

I did this to be able to play faster because otherwise, if one would first move and then rotate a piece, one would have to press a button to let the computer know you have stopped rotating the piece.

Yet you can also rotate a piece while dragging it.

If you only want to rotate a piece, not move it, just left click this piece to finish your turn.

You might also have read that you can pass your turn, then, also, just left click a piece.

Be aware though the computer can pass too and so it might appear he is still busy, but that cannot be the case since the computer finishes his turn almost instantly.

Interestingly, the deepest position was a mate in 15, which can be played.

A screenshot

The computer always plays red.

To download, press here (63 kb)

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